Custodian Requirements

All fee-paying international students studying within Surrey Schools (other than those living with a parent) are required to appoint a custodian by way of a notarized declaration.  

The following is a list of the minimum requirements expected from the custodian:  

  1. Must be 25 years of age or older.  
  2. Must be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident residing within Metropolitan Vancouver.  
  3. Take full responsibility for the student by ensuring that the child’s basic needs such as suitable accommodation, food, transportation and living expenses are provided.  
  4. Monitor, encourage, support and ensure reasonable academic progress is being made by the student and report the progress to the parent(s) in the home country.  
  5. Upon request, be available to meet with the International Education Department, school administration or other Surrey Schools staff.  
  6. May be required to assist student with obtaining or renewing the study permit.  
  7. Must assist in the registration of the student each school year.  
  8. Must immediately notify the International Education Department of any change in:  
    1. Custodian: a parent must first appoint a new custodian by way of signed/notarized documents from parent and new custodian before the current custodian can be released from the current duties.  
    2. Homestay/Living Arrangements: change of homestay/living arrangement requires a new Statement of Address form to be forwarded to the International Education Department.